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This is a place where you can write to us about concerns. Experienced members of the community will attempt to help you if we can. If your questions seem like something that others share, we may post the exchange in this section. So, please don’t include any identifying information or expect a confidential response.

Also, please be aware that the responses that we offer are from the personal experience of the church member answering your inquiry or commenting on what you have to say. They do not speak for the Church, although they may reflect a consensual viewpoint. The Church of the Harvest itself has no doctrinal or official policies other than what we have listed elsewhere in this website.

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Listening to the Mountains; Honoring Mother Earth (3/29/2020) - From a Sermon given Spring Equinox Worship Service  March 22, 2020 In Greek mythology there is a story about how the seasons came to be created that is worth retelling this morning.  According to early Greek culture, Demeter, the Goddess of Harmony and Fertility, had a child with Zeus, God of the Sky, King of … Continue reading Listening to the Mountains; Honoring Mother Earth
Dreaming of Things to Come; Bring On the New World in the New Year! (12/31/2018) - From a Sermon given Winter Solstice Worship Service  December 23, 2018 Almost exactly one year ago today, this meditation community had its Winter Solstice Service here.  We explored the topic of moving towards a world based on Love rather than the corruption of power. I talked about how corruption is a word that not only … Continue reading Dreaming of Things to Come; Bring On the New World in the New Year!
Growing Pains Question Two (6/6/2014) - Question: I consider myself a “seeker after the truth.” I’m very interested in spiritual development, my own and other people’s. Sometimes, though, I get really confused about the concept of destiny. It’s like I hit a brick wall when this idea is put on the table. If we each have a destiny already outlined for … Continue reading Growing Pains Question Two
Growing Pains Question One (6/6/2014) - Question: I really like the idea of meditation and feel intuitively like it would be a very good practice for me on a regular basis, but any time I try to engage in some kind of meditation experience, it’s a real bust.  I’m uncomfortable sitting in the lotus position, can’t sit still, find my thoughts … Continue reading Growing Pains Question One

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