Membership Information

We are not the kind of church that invites anyone to join in the community without apparent financial or other cost, and then once you are a part of the group, puts out a whole new set of new expectations physically and energetically. We do not want anyone to feel guilty for what they do or do not contribute to this community. We strive for transparency and mutually beneficial transactions.

If any of our activities such as worship services, Sacred Readings group or Community Healing Times include a donation jar, you may notice that the jar is placed where those attending cannot track who donates what. It’s cleaner that way.  The exception is that if you do want to make a contribution to the Church and wish to write this off your income tax, you will need to let us know so we can provide you with the appropriate receipt.

For some of our activities, such as advanced classes, we charge a specific fee that people know about before they participate. And yes, we do charge for some of our activities—often minimally–because one of our dedications as a Church is to the idea that it is important for each person to balance within their own life, giving and receiving..

There are two categories of membership in Church of the Harvest.   You can choose to become an Affiliate Member.  Affiliate members pay an annual fee on a sliding scale from $50 to $100, your choice. After you send in your membership fee, which is due January 1rst, the password for the password-protected part of this website will be sent to you.  Church membership allows you to read more advanced materials, post personal comments, and benefit in a greater level of spirited dialogue and engagement with other members of the community. You can more easily get assistance and support for your meditations and the kinds of changes that they facilitate in your life. It may give you discounts on readings or other services as they are offered.

Reduction of the annual membership fee due to financial hardship is a possibility, but only with financial documentation and only with the agreement of the Board of Directors and other folks in the Church that handle the membership list.

You can also choose to be an Active Member. Active members pay an annual fee on a sliding scale from $25 to $50, your choice. Active membership is defined by a member taking any kind of participatory or leadership role in which they are helping to create the Church.  These might include taking further classes, lighting the candles, leading a prayer or a song at worship services; participating regularly in Community Healing Time, making food or site preparations for church activities, and/or helping with the website.

Active Members with enough meditation experience can be invited to begin teaching classes or preside over a worship service.  Active Members may also enter pages about products and services they independently offer to other members and public at large, as long as they are consistent with the Express Purpose and Dedications of the Church, IRS regulations, etc.