Multi-tiered Membership

The Church of the Harvest is set up to allow individuals to choose the level of participation they wish.  You are certainly welcome to hang out with us in many ways without being a member.  You can utilize most areas of this website freely, participate in church services and Community Healing Times if you are in our geographic area and/or they are streamed, etc.  You are also welcome to take the Basic Meditation Class anytime it is offered without being a Church member.

If after taking and successfully completing the Basic Meditation Class that teaches you the most important techniques and concepts we utilize you decide you want more, you are welcome to join our community of meditators.   This then opens more doors in terms of more advanced training and opportunities, and most importantly, allows you to become a part of creating the Church.

We would like all members of the Church to have read and understood our Express Purpose and Statement of Dedications. Whether you agree in whole or part to these documents and are living your life on the basis of them is not the point; only that you can work harmoniously with those of us who do and are.  There is no test on these or anyone checking up on you.

Once you join, your membership remains current as long as you remit an annual membership fee as detailed in the next section.  Ongoing participation in meditation is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED but certainly not mandatory.  Again, no one will be “checking on” you.  But you will find it difficult to keep up with the rapidly evolving status of the Church of the Harvest if you are not working with your energy regularly.