Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is somewhat of dilemma for us because we try to act from a spiritual perspective, and from that perspective, “hiding” things is not particularly helpful or even really possible. All things that can be known, are known to spirit. On the other hand, too many folks have forgotten their spiritual nature and instead, operate out of physically-based impulses such as the need to dominate or exploit others. We will not knowingly abuse others or allow others to abuse us. It is important that people are treated with respect, and that includes allowing everyone to determine what they do and do not want to share with others.

Because of the widespread practice of internet “trolling”–people who project onto others their hatred and animosity–the Church of the Harvest may require you to give up some anonymity if you want to be a member, at least internally. It is an unfortunate truth these days that there are individuals who seek company with internet-based organizations for less than honorable intentions.  We have to protect ourselves from those with whom we have no prior personal experience. This is also important to us because some of our postings belong to individual members of the community in terms of being copyrighted, and we need to be able to prevent and respond to copyright infringements as necessary. Accordingly, if you are a complete stranger to us but you would like to join the community, you may be asked for identification and/or verification of a valid physical rather than electronic address.

If you are a member of the community, you can expect us to be fiercely protective of your contact information and other personal data. For example, we store our records in a locked area to which only two individuals have access.  You can direct us to keep your address and/or other personal information not on computer so it cannot be hacked and we will honor this request.   Your contact information will not be sold or shared outside of Church activities for any reason.