Welcome to the website of the Church of the Harvest, a spiritual community with a home base in Olympia, Washington State, United States of America and a humble but committed presence in the world. Spirit is not really limited by the rules of time and space, so we felt it appropriate to have a gathering place for our community and its supporters on the world-wide web, and thus take advantage of the gifts that modern technology gives us in terms of ability to communicate with each other.

Communication is important to us. In fact, it is mentioned prominently in the statement as our Express Purpose when we incorporated in 1998 as follows: Encourage spiritual growth in church members, the community, and the world-at-large by teaching and employing skills that enhance connection and communication with the Creative Source of the Universe.

Members of the Church have full access to the content of this website. Those of you who are visiting, are very welcome and will find lots of interesting information but will have more limited access to archived materials, internal timetables, commentary opportunities, etc. of this vehicle for communication. Of course, you can always become a church member if you find your journey and ours compatible. Read, explore, enjoy. . .and many blessings for you and yours.